Xuhui Campus
Available bus lines near the campus:
No.50 bus:Zhuhang——Dongan Road
No.157 bus:Jiachuan road——Shanghai Stadium
No.729 bus:Shanghai South Railway Station——Donghai College
No.720 bus:Lianhua Road——Shanghai Stadium
No.957 bus:Metro Outer Ring Road——Zhongshan Hospital
No.111 bus:Changqiao New Village——Shanghai Stadium
No.867 bus:Shanghai South Railway Station——Hanghua New Village
No.156 bus:Shilong Road——Chunshen Road Weiye Road
Bus line Xumei:Xujing——Meilong
Bus line Songlong:Songjiang——Longzhou Road
Bus line Shangcang:Shanghai South Railway Station——Minhang Cangyuan District
Bus line Airport No. 7: Shanghai South Railway Station——Pudong International Airport
Fengxian Campus
1. Take bus lines No. 109, 581, 781, 932 or Tunnel No. 8, get off at Songsan Road/Xing’an Road, take bus line Huhai to Fengxian Campus.
2. Take bus lines No. 42, 911, 920, 926 or Tourism No. 2, get off at Middle Huaihai Road/Songsan Road, take bus line Huhai to Fengxian Campus.
3. Take subway line No. 1, get off at Xinzhuang station, take bus line Xinhai at the south square of Xingzhuang subway station to Fengxian Campus.
4. Take subway line No. 1, get off at Jinjiang park station, take bus line Nanmei and get off at NanQiao bus stop, then take bus line Nanba to Fengxian Campus.
5. Take subway line No. 1, get off at Lianhua Road station, take bus line Xinhai or Nanba at Nanqiao Legou supermarket to Fengxian Campus.
6. Take subway line No. 3, get off at West Longhua Road station, take bus line Shaolong to Nanqiao bus stop, and take bus line Nanba there to Fengxian Campus.
Jinshan Campus
Jinshan Shihua——City proper of Shanghai
Bus line Weimei: Shihua bus station──Hongmei metro station
Bus line Hushi: Shihua Youyi Tower──Changning Railway Station
Exclusive bus line Hushi: Shihua Weiyi Road──People’s Square
Bus line Huwei: Shihua bus station──Shanghai west bus station
Bus line Shenwei: Shihua bus station──Huining Road
Bus line Puwei: Shihua bus station──Pudong Tangqiao bus station
Exclusive bus line Puwei: Shihua Youyi Tower──Pudong Dongfang Hospital
Exclusive bus line of railway station: East Jinwei──Shanghai South Railway Station
City proper of Shihua——Jinshan Campus
Bus line Shihu 4: Shihua Department Store──Jinshan Campus
Bus line Zhushan: Shihua──Zhujing
Bus line Tangwei: Shihua──Jinshan Tangkou


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