There are many stores on the university campus where you can find most items for daily uses. Shanghai Education Supermarket, with two stores on the campus, is a part of the supermarket system that is present in every college and university in Shanghai; it has wide selections of water, soft drinks, beers, coffees, instant noodles, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet papers, and other goods. Other stores focus on selling varieties of products and services such as CD/DVD-ROM, MP3 players, electronic dictionary and refill card for mobile phone. The larger Shanghai Education Supermarket store, two fruit stores and two hair care shops, and several other small stores are conveniently located on the first floor of the 20th student dormitory.

If you are shopping for clothes or looking for more diversified products, you may go to one of several large shopping malls within walking distance from the university. Bailian Nanfang Shopping Center, the largest of them, is the home to the French retailer Carrefour, many boutique shops of domestic and international brands as well as restaurants of all tastes. The shopping center is about 30 minutes away near  Lianhua Road Subway Station; you can take bus No. 720 or ride a bicycle to get there faster. There is a closer large retailer Trust-mart, 10 min walking distance at the cross of West Shangzhong Road and Old Huming Road, where you may get a better deal for some products.

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