Key Laboratories

1State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering (ECUST)
2State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering
3State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Environmental Risk Assessment and Control on Chemical Process
4Key Laboratory of Ultra-fine Materials (ECUST), Ministry of Education
5Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials (ECUST), Ministry of Education
6Key Laboratory of Pressure Systems and Safety (ECUST), Ministry of Education
7Key Laboratory of Specially Functional Polymeric Materials and Related Technology (ECUST), Ministry of Education
8Key Laboratory of Advanced Control and Optimization for Chemical Processes (ECUST), Ministry of Education
9National Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Wastewater Treatment (ECUST)
10National Engineering Research Center of Ultrafine Powder
11National Engineering Research Center of Biotechnology (Shanghai)
12Engineering Research Center of Biomedical Materials, Ministry of Education
13Engineering Research Center of Process Systems Engineering,Ministry of Education
14Engineering Research Center of Large Scale Reactor Engineering and Technology, Ministry of Education
15National Engineering Research Center for Integrated Utilization of Salt Lake Resources
16Engineering Research Center of Resources Process Engineering, Ministry of Education
17Engineering Research Center of Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry, Ministry of Education
18Engineering Research Center of Efficient Green Process Equipment and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Education
19Engineering Research Center of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery, Ministry of Education
20Shanghai Key Laboratory of Chemical Biology
21Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced Polymeric Materials
22Shanghai Key Laboratory of Functional Materials Chemistry
23Shanghai Key Laboratory of New Drug Design
24Shanghai Key Laboratory of Multiphase Materials Chemical Engineering
25Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Coal Gasification
26Coal Gasification Technology Research Center of National Energy Administration
27Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Maricultured Animal Vaccines
28International Joint Research Center for Green Energy Chemical Engineering
29Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Hierarchical Nanomaterials
30Key Laboratory of Biobased Material Engineering, China National Light Industry
31Petroleum and Chemical Industry Environmental Protection Engineer Center for Petrochemical Waste Physical Separation and Recycling
32Joint International Research Laboratory of Precision Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
33Joint International Research Laboratory of Smart and Optimal Manufacturing for Petrochemical Industry
34Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Smart Manufacturing for Process Industry 
East China University Of Science And Technology Shanghai, China Meilong Road 130, 200237