Journal of American Chemical Society Publishes ECUST Research Progress of Photoresponsive Molecular Crystals

Recently, Professor Qu Dahui and Specially Appointed Reseacher Tong Fei, of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, and Feringa Nobel Prize Scientists Joint Research Center, ECUST, have made important progress in the field of photo-mechanical response molecular crystals, and the related research article was published in the Journal of American Chemical Society as a cover article.

The work was completed by Doctoral Candidae Xu Tianyi of ECUST, The correspondence writers were Professor Qu Dahui and Tong Fei, and were carefully guided by Academician Tian He. In addition, the research work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Frontier Science Center of the Ministry of Education of Materials Biology and Dynamic Chemistry, Shanghai Science and Technology Major Project, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Sailing Project, Feringa Nobel Prize Scientists Joint Research Center and other funds.

East China University Of Science And Technology Shanghai, China Meilong Road 130, 200237