Science Advances Publishes EUCST New Progress of Electrochemical Assembly of Biomaterials

Recently, the research team of Academician Liu Changsheng&Professor Qu Xue have accompanished the bionic customization of collagen structure and function with the electrochemical assembly. The research article was published in the journal Science Advances under the title of “Electro-assembly of dynamically adaptive molten fiber state for collage”.

This work shows the great potential of electrical signals to regulate the assembly of biomacromolecules, and will provide new opportunities for the customized development of new biomaterials based on collagen. The article is first-authored by Postdoctoral Researcher Lei Miao of ECUST. The first academic affiliation of this paper is East China University of Science and Technology. The research was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Innovation Group Project, Key Project and Excellent Youth Fund Project.

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